CAMPUS GERMANY – the German Pavilion at the EXPO 2020 Dubai


Sarah Becker-Kraft

Head of Communications
­German Pavilion
EXPO 2020 Dubai

+49 (0)221 821-2251


Members of the media must register for accreditation with the organisers, the Expo 2020 Bureau, in order to visit EXPO 2020 Dubai. Registration is not yet possible but there will be an online portal for the accreditation process. We will publish the link here as soon as it has been set up.

If you would like to report on CAMPUS GERMANY, please contact the German Pavilion press team.


Concept EXPO 2020 German Pavilion

Summary of the German Pavilion concept


Factsheet EXPO 2020 German Pavillon

Fact sheet on EXPO 2020 and the German Pavilion

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