On Monday, 29 March 2021, CAMPUS GERMANY hosted a live talk between the architects of the Italian and German Pavilions on Instagram. In collaboration with the Italian Pavilion, Carlo Ratti from Carlo Ratti Associati and Christian Tschersich from Lava (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) talked for around 30 minutes about innovative architecture, sustainable construction and the specifics of working for a national pavilion at the Expo.


"The Expo is one of the truly global platforms there are. We deeply miss these moments of human connection. The moment when people come together and share not only their ideas, but their passions is very critical for mankind." Christian Tschersich, LAVA

"Expos are great for pushing boundaries. You design and build basically a little city in a very short time that will someday be converted into something else. There is a lot of space for experimentation." Carlo Ratti, CRA


Italy was not only the last time country to host an Expo, in Milan in 2015, but will also be one of the German Pavilion's neighbours at Expo 2020 Dubai. The whole conversation is available here.