On Wednesday, 23 June, 2021, CAMPUS GERMANY hosted a live talk between the architects of the Netherlands and the German Pavilions on Instagram.

In collaboration with the Netherlands Pavilion, Michiel Raaphorst of V8 Architects and Christian Tschersich of Lava (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) talked for about 30 minutes about sustainable construction, the deconstruction of the pavilions after the Expo, and the specifics of working for a country pavilion at the Expo.

"It is a challenging idea, to design a pavilion that is located in a district themed sustainability and will only have a lifespan of 6 months. […] The key idea that we started with was circularity. And you can see that in the design itself, […] the whole primary construction which is composed of steel, will be recycled to 100%. We really wanted the visitor to explore this idea and not be something that is only a topic for a talk among us experts but something that becomes known to the wider public." - Christian Tschersich

"For us architects it is sustainability, but to make it tangible we talk about circularity. The Netherlands Pavilion is circular in many ways. The first circular approach is to connect water, energy and food which are basically the main drivers of the Netherlands Pavilion. It is like a harvesting machine, where we harvest water, energy, and food in a circular way. All these natural elements work together and that is what you experience in the Netherlands Pavilion." - Michiel Raaphorst

The Netherlands will be represented at the Expo with a sustainability pavilion which will showcase the unification of water, energy and food solutions for a greener planet. The full conversation is available here.