On Thursday, 12 August, we met with Carmelo Zappulla and Aleix Fernández from External Reference and Onion Lab, respectively, who are responsible for the design of the exhibition of the Spanish Pavilion. Together with Andreas Horbelt from facts and fiction, we took a closer look at the topics and the focus of both exhibitions. Alternative energy, preserving biodiversity and new modes of life are, among others, the important areas that will be highlighted.

"The reasoning behind the pavilion is that only distributed intelligence and universal awareness can move this world to a new sustainable life. We are experiencing what the problems and the reasons for climatic change are. The Spanish exhibition is centered on the relation between sustainability and collective intelligence. We transform this concept into an experiential, didactive journey, that is trying to break the boundaries between design, art and digital tools." - Carmelo Zappulla, External Reference

"The fundamentals of our thoughts are pretty similar. We thought the pavilion should be a campus, where everybody comes together and can think about a more sustainable future. On one level, we are together trying to find solutions for the future and really 'Connecting Minds and Creating the Future'. That is what a campus is for." – Andreas Horbelt, facts and fiction

Both Pavilions are located in the sustainability district and focus on edutainment. To find out more about the similarities and differences between the Spanish and the German Pavilion, watch the whole talk here.