German Pavilion’s “Future City Lab” to showcase mobility of the future with rope-free MULTI elevator

During their tour of the German Pavilion, CAMPUS GERMANY, visitors will make their way through three labs. One of them, the “Future City Lab”, will focus on sustainable living in the cities of the future, including mobility systems and solutions that meet their requirements. One of the exhibits to be presented in the Future City Lab in Dubai has now been decided on: MULTI.

MULTI is the name that manufacturer thyssenkrupp Elevator has given to a completely new type of system, set to revolutionise elevator design. Each car is operated directly by linear motors, which means that MULTI does not require any ropes and takes up 25% less space – freeing up space for other purposes. The system enables several cars to travel in one shaft simultaneously, moving both vertically and horizontally.

With this increased flexibility, another advantage is that long queues become a thing of the past. MULTI travels at a speed of up to five metres per second, giving passengers access to an elevator car every 15 to 30 seconds. The new system also provides up to 50% more capacity than conventional elevators. In particular, it will be used in tall buildings upwards of 300 metres.

For more information on the project, visit here.