With Konstantin Reinfeld and Benyamin Nuss two young shooting stars of the German music scene get together creating an incomparable program for two instruments that could not be more contrary. Konstantin Reinfeld is one of the most versatile harmonica players across the globe and Benyamin Nuss is one of the few pianists luring a young audience into classical concert halls while touring the world.

In early 2017 the duo started to play together interpreting transcriptions of classical pieces on the diatonic harmonica and piano. This is a big novelty and a mission at the same time, because the classical repertoire for the diatonic 10-hole harmonica is very limited up until now. At the same time they discovered their mutual love for film and world music before celebrating their stage premiere in May 2017. The duo’s iridescently diverse program conveys a haunting and individual musical experience to an enthusiastic audience.

Meanwhile 8 composers were mandated to write a piece for harmonica and piano including Masashi Hamauzu and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson.

The duo performed during the broadcast of the Opus Klassik 2019 awards at Konzerthaus Berlin, where Konstantin Reinfeld was awarded as newcomer instrumental for the album DEBUT with Benyamin Nuss.

Follow the concerts from 17 to 21 December at 8PM live at the Culture Lab at the German Pavilion or here in the livestream.