During the first three months of the Expo, the German Pavilion received lots of positive feedback. We have gathered a collection for you:


“Highly personalised visitor journey leaves a distinct impression”

Gulf News


"The German Pavilion is one of the most interactives ones and shows educative content on a sustainable future" (translated from Portuguese)

Jornal da Record


"The German Pavilion is one of the most prominent interactive pavilions at the exhibition, providing visitors with an entertaining interactive experience that will remain etched in their memories even after the exhibition has ended"

Harper‘s Bazaar


“Intelligent and never boring entertainment that facilitates learning with clear explanations” (translated from Italien)

La Repubblica


“A wonderful experience, entertaining and surprising – that is what we got to see at the German Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The perfect place for intercultural exchange” (translated from Spanish)

SerTV Panama


"Germany is known for its best-in-class technology, and in the Bloomberg innovation index 2020, the country was named the most technologically advanced. It only makes sense then that Germany would lead the way towards sustainability and try to find solutions to the problem that the entire world faces. This is what the German Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 focuses on, and it has been all the rage. Everyone who has visited has been all praises for the German display at the Expo 2020"

Financial Express


“4 reasons why the Germany Pavilion ups the ante for sustainable design at Expo 2020 Dubai / With 95% of the pavilion slated to be recycled once Expo 2020 comes to a close in March 2022, the Germany Pavilion is a model of conscious creation”

Architectural Digest Middle East


“Eleven years ago, the German Pavilion was, after the Chinese home-run, the most visited pavilion at the Expo – this Expo’s pavilion does not seem to form an exception" (translated from German)



“The German Pavilion at Expo 2020 informs in an impressive, creative and holistic way about technological, industrial and cultural innovations” (translated from Arabic)

Al Bayan