MYLE is back at CAMPUS GERMANY! After his outstanding debut on the Culture Stage at the German Pavilion in the beginning of October, MYLE returns to Expo 2020 Dubai. Already in the first week, MYLE thrilled the visitors with his guitar sounds, catchy hooks and soulful vocals.

MYLE is the stage name of 20-year-old German American Milo Hölz. He begins playing the piano at seven years old. He immediately starts writing his own songs. He picks up the guitar, starts his first band “Ground Control” and racks up stage time. MYLE reacts allergically to reading music. “I can’t stand theoretical approaches. My philosophy is – do it!“ The sheer confidence and determination with which MYLE speaks is deeply impressive, almost intimidating. “Sometimes I come across arrogant, I know that. But I don’t mean to at all. I just love drama and I love playing up to this macho aura, even though in private I’m actually kind of a softy.”

At the age of 16, he is already on the line-up at the German Southside Festival 2016, with artists such as Greenday and Milky Chance. “I’m super inspired by Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, even though I don’t make the same music. To me they are as pop as pop can get. I’m addicted to pop! I need catchy melodies, driving guitars, 80s synths, and a beat that doesn’t stop. I need something that sounds like home, I need something to dance to, something modern but at the same time nostalgic.“

Steering between power chords and a smooth falsetto, this American dreamer’s powerful stage presence conjures up an international vibe with a taste of wanderlust. “I can’t wait to take the next step in music,” says MYLE. You can’t help but feel that music can’t wait for him.