The exhibition for the German Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is now ready to be installed. Featuring interactive exhibits related to energy, cities of the future and biodiversity, it will showcase sustainable “Made in Germany” innovations from 1 October 2021. Besides the actual exhibition, visitors to CAMPUS GERMANY can look forward to a combination of facts and fun in true edutainment style. “With the structural work successfully completed, it’s great to see the inside of the pavilion taking shape,” says Dietmar Schmitz, Commissioner General of the German Pavilion. The German Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai is being built under contract to Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. In turn, the ministry has commissioned Koelnmesse to organise and manage the project. The exhibition has been designed by creative agency facts and fiction.

The exhibits and multimedia installations for the German Pavilion were shipped to Dubai in purpose-built, protective boxes, transported in twelve 40-foot containers, three 20-foot containers and several individual consignments. They arrived in the middle of April and are now waiting to be unpacked. Scheduled to arrive last summer, they were instead placed in storage for a year when the Expo was postponed.

“Putting the items into ‘hibernation’ for a year was quite a challenge. They were made especially for the German Pavilion and we had to consider each exhibit individually. In some cases, appropriate storage at a stable temperature was sufficient. In others, the exhibits had to be moved and used to keep them in working order. Before we finally packed them up for shipping, we tested them all again, along with the multimedia equipment. So we’re overjoyed we can now install everything on site, ready to fulfil our original mission – to wow visitors at the German Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai,” explains Marco Hückel, a member of the Executive Board at facts and fiction.


CAMPUS GERMANY – interactive edutainment

Germany’s Expo presence, CAMPUS GERMANY, is modelled after a university campus. Located in the Sustainability District of the Expo site, it is designed to take visitors on an interactive journey from “enrolment” upon entering the pavilion to the final “graduation ceremony” at the end of the tour. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and Koelnmesse felt facts and fiction’s concept for the pavilion exhibition was particularly fitting since education is considered of vital importance in the host country, the United Arab Emirates.

CAMPUS GERMANY’s edutainment-based approach is designed to convey information in an accessible manner and point the way to a more sustainable society. A place of knowledge, research and interaction – both with the installations and with other visitors. Visitors can collaborate and feel part of a community working towards a more sustainable future. “The blend of an interactive, entertaining exhibition and awe-inspiring exhibits showcasing German innovations will quite literally leave a sustainable impression on visitors,” says a visibly impressed Gerald Böse, President and Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse.

The whole pavilion experience starts in the entrance area, where Germany’s federal states are presented as soundbites, virtual reality applications, interactive displays and films. Time flies when you’re having fun – and the visitors will be at the end of the queue before they know it.


Innovative technology for an interactive pavilion experience

Each visitor will then be “enrolled” by a CAMPUS GERMANY staff member and receive their own personal name badge. This gesture illustrates the guiding principle behind the German Pavilion: everyone is equal, everyone can talk to everyone else and everyone embarks on the campus journey to learn together.

The name badge uses IAMU, an innovative, inbuilt technology. Based on a real-time locating system (RTLS), it allows CAMPUS GERMANY to become a smart, interactive exhibition space. IAMU ensures, for example, that media content is automatically played in the guest’s chosen language. Visitors will also have several opportunities to share their own thoughts, resulting in a detailed representation of their opinions, which will be integrated into the installations and the overall visitor experience. This IAMU functionality will turn the exhibition into a smart space that responds to visitors and their individual interests. People are used to their smartphones offering them customised experiences and this exhibition will use the same intelligence and turn it into an invisible part of the space. Visitors will thus enjoy an individualised experience, tailored to their own specific requirements, but without having to use their phone.


A visitor journey to inspire all ages

The German Pavilion journey starts with an “induction event” with an introduction to the pavilion theme using awe-inspiring images and magical elements that merge reality with the digital world. The spotlight will be on the Anthropocene, the era of human impact, and the exhibition will show how we as humans can shape a sustainable future.

The next stop is a ball pit filled with facts and fun for the young – and the young at heart! It will contain 100,000 “data orbs”, developed in cooperation with Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Each one will present a fact about sustainability in or from Germany.

The following three areas – the Energy Lab, Future City Lab and Biodiversity Lab, plus the adjacent terraces – represent the campus curriculum. They feature interactive exhibits that were meticulously developed and curated by facts and fiction before being chosen by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Each exhibit presents an innovative and sustainable idea from Germany and explains how the idea works in an entertaining way.

“Each of these labs is based on a distinct concept. Enclosed, immersive spaces, each very different, alternate with open terraces that offer a view across the atrium. Each new space is a surprise; each new installation, each new view is worthy of a photo,” explains Andreas Horbelt, Creative Director at facts and fiction.

Many of the exhibits only function if people work together to operate them, thus enhancing visitors’ sense of being part of a community. Each themed terrace will have a dedicated group exhibit: the goal can only be achieved by working together. Just as the fight against climate change and for a more sustainable future can only be won in a concerted effort.

Finally, in the “Graduation Hall”, visitors will experience a show full of surprising and emotional moments – a culmination of the pavilion’s combination of technology, community and sustainability. Swinging back and forth together on swings, they will create a unique, unforgettable experience.

After the tour, visitors can grab a bite to eat in the German restaurant or take a seat in the stage area of the atrium where German artists will perform live.