Today sees Germany’s largest federal state, Bavaria, start its two-week stint as host of the cultural programme for the German Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Against a backdrop of Bavarian-style decorations, the spotlight will be on innovative projects and musical performances that fuse traditional and modern sounds. To mark the occasion, Roland Weigert, the Vice Minister of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, will visit CAMPUS GERMANY. Overall responsibility for the German Pavilion lies with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

On 31 January, Bavaria will launch its own special showcase at the German Pavilion – the only German state to do so for a two-week period. Brass band “Die Fexer” will set the tone, bringing a blend of traditional and modern music to the Culture Lab, while Bavaria’s white and blue colours adorn the Pavilion’s atrium. There will be a wide range of performances by young artists from Bavaria, highlighting the richness of Bavarian’s culture. Among them will be Claudia Koreck, who sings with Bavarian dialect, and Diana Goldberg, who entertains audiences in English with her lyrical and sonic storytelling, and rapper “RiA”, who bills herself as the “First Lady of Bavarian rap.” On top of all that, the dance sessions in the Culture Lab will feature a Dance Revolution Machine that will get visitors up on their feet. And the XR HUB Bavaria project will invite guests to take part in virtual reality sessions where they can leave everyday life behind and have fun exploring virtual worlds.

The Vice Minister of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Roland Weigert, will be visiting the German Pavilion during the “Bavarian culture weeks” as part of a delegation including representatives of Bavarian businesses and trade associations, members of parliament and experts from the realms of research and science. Ahead of his visit, Weigert described the Bavarian approach, explaining, “Bavaria is home to top global players offering top-class solutions. But we Bavarians also have our own special easy-going nature. Our aim is to deliver an entertaining programme that will reveal both sides of Bavaria, with performances by well-known Bavarian artists and lots of activities people can join in with. The ‘Bavarian culture weeks’ at the German Pavilion will be an innovative, fun event, bringing the world a taste of Bavarian culture and the Bavarian way of life.”

Germany has a long tradition of collaborating with individual federal states at world exhibitions. This year, there are contributions from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Bavaria and the state of Berlin, with each curating the programme at the German Pavilion for one week – or two in Bavaria’s case. “We’re delighted that these federal states have chosen to make an active contribution to the German Pavilion programme. The ‘Federal State Weeks’ are a highlight at every expo, giving international visitors a unique opportunity to get even more of a feel for Germany’s diverse culture and living traditions”, said Dietmar Schmitz, Commissioner General of the German Pavilion.

In addition to the “Federal State Weeks”, each of Germany’s sixteen federal states has its own permanent display in the queuing area for the German Pavilion.