With so many people eager to visit the expo, queues are an inevitable part of the experience. The German Pavilion will sweeten the wait with interesting insights into Germany’s federal structure and its 16 federal states. There will be a showcase for each one, with fun facts and features.

As they wait to be admitted to the pavilion, visitors will be “enrolled” – it is a campus after all! They will enter their first name, home country and preferred language of communication (German, Arabic or English) at a terminal. They will all receive a name badge that will play an important part in their journey through CAMPUS GERMANY.

An “induction event” in the Welcome Hall explains the theoretical concept that forms the basis of the German Pavilion – welcome to the Anthropocene, the era of human impact! Our aim in Dubai is to show that, rather than only having a destructive impact on our planet, humankind has the capacity – thanks to its intelligence and creativity – to put global development back on a positive course if, as the EXPO theme suggests, people join forces.

CAMPUS GERMANY will take visitors on a journey through the Energy Lab, the Future City Lab and the Biodiversity Lab. Everyone will follow this “curriculum”, giving them the opportunity to progressively deepen their knowledge as they go. Once they have become “experts” in these three areas, they will have moved considerably closer to the goal of sustainable living.

At the end of the tour, everyone will have completed the CAMPUS GERMANY curriculum and it’s time to celebrate their success. In the grand finale in the Graduation Hall at the end of the CAMPUS GERMANY journey, everyone will realise there is more that unites them than divides them. They will all sit down on one of the swinging seats, where their task will be to make the seats swing in unison – with the help of one of our hosts or hostesses. The message is that even the smallest of movements (minimum action so to speak) can achieve great things – if we act together.