The German Pavilion will be edutainment-based; a surprising, haptic, digital showcase of German innovations and solutions in the field of sustainability. The first highlight after visitors have “enrolled” will be a huge ball pit in the “Welcome Hall”. Each of the 100,000 balls will tell a story, present a statistic or spotlight a sustainability champion from Germany. Visitors will simply pick a ball and place it on one of the scanners to see a short presentation.

Interaction and participation will play a starring role in the German Pavilion. Many of the exhibits will need a person to operate them – often, more than one person. CAMPUS GERMANY will be a hands-on experience, where visitors can play, work together and succeed as a team, with the focus very much on the fun factor.

The individual exhibition spaces have been designed to create an impressive whole and an immersive experience. In the darkened Energy Lab, “energy cables” will pulsate with energy supply solutions for the future. In the Future City Lab, visitors will become part of an intricate urban landscape that completely surrounds them. In the Biodiversity Lab, they will experience the beauty and vulnerability of nature beneath a suspended installation of magnificent proportions. Each lab will create an immersive experience that will stay with visitors – not only in their minds but also, doubtless, on thousands of smartphones and then on social media.

CAMPUS GERMANY will be a place where people’s opinions count. Some exhibits will ask visitors for their own views, with questions such as, “Would you agree that we can only tackle climate change by working together?” or “Would you agree that sustainability is one of the major challenges to secure a better future?” In the grand finale in the Graduation Hall, everyone will sit down on one of the swinging seats to symbolise the whole world coming together. Here, at the end of the tour, they will all realise there is more that unites them than divides them. They will be given the task of making the seats swing in unison, the message being that even the smallest of movements (minimum action so to speak) can achieve great things – if we act together.