CAMPUS GERMANY – that will be the name of Germany’s pavilion at the 2020 World Expo, to be held in Dubai. The CAMPUS concept will transform the pavilion into a place of knowledge, research and human contact.

The Expo site will be divided into three districts, dedicated to the themes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability. The German Pavilion is located in the Sustainability District – a conscious decision – and will provide an entertaining, surprising, hands-on and digital showcase of German innovations and solutions in the field.

Germany is the place where the energy revolution known as the “Energiewende” was born, a place where science, industry and large parts of civil society are actively committed to securing a sustainable future. That is the message CAMPUS GERMANY will set out to convey in Dubai.

The CAMPUS GERMANY concept behind the German Pavilion in Dubai also addresses an issue that is high on the host region’s agenda: education. The pavilion’s messages will be clear and easy to understand; not too complicated. Everyone will be able to get involved and feel part of a large community. Connecting Minds, Creating the Future!