Our aims

The organisers’ choice of theme for Expo 2020, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, sums up the very essence of a world expo. In our age of globalisation, we have to work together to tackle the problems that exist worldwide. No one can overcome them alone. Germany wants to contribute to this global “connecting of minds” through an Expo presence that leaves a long-lasting impression.

CAMPUS GERMANY focuses on the subtheme of sustainability. In its long history of innovation and environmentalism, our country has produced scores of new ideas and approaches. Germany’s energy revolution, the “Energiewende”, has become a global benchmark and we will be looking to incorporate that pioneering role into the CAMPUS GERMANY concept of the German Pavilion in Dubai too.

Unlike trade fairs or political summits, expos are not primarily geared to experts in a particular field or political players. They are intended for truly everyone – young families, schoolchildren, higher education students, senior citizens, couples, friends and lone travellers. Our pavilion is designed with that in mind and will feature a number of interactive exhibits (often requiring visitors to work together), special displays for children as well as information for adults and a highlight at the end of the CAMPUS GERMANY tour.

Our goal is to give visitors an unforgettable, varied and entertaining experience in our pavilion and thus at Expo 2020 Dubai, while also creating awareness of global problems.

During their visit to CAMPUS GERMANY, they automatically engage with the questions raised by the Expo’s overarching theme. And they can leave with ideas that they can apply in their own lives to help shape a sustainable future.

At the same time, world expos serve as a marketing platform to promote our country.