World expos give visitors the chance to travel the globe in one day – trying out the food as they go. Many pavilions have their own restaurant and CAMPUS GERMANY will be no exception, with the staff from catering company Angerer & Obermayr Messegastronomie on hand to welcome guests.

The German restaurant’s menu will feature typical dishes from across Germany. The mains will include “Sauerbraten” (marinated pot roast) with “Spätzle” (Swabian noodles) and red cabbage with apple, “Frikadellen” (meatballs) with mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce, and vegetarian dishes such as vegetarian “Flammkuchen” (tarte flambée) with arugula, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. The dessert selection will include “Heiße Liebe” vanilla ice cream with hot raspberry sauce, “Rote Grütze” (red berry compote) with custard sauce, warm apple crumble with raisins, and melon yogurt with honey. The snack options will include beef “Currywurst” sausage with potato wedges.

A German restaurant wouldn’t be a German restaurant without beer and wine from back home and alcohol will be served at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The German restaurant, with capacity for 180 guests, will extend across three levels. In addition to the indoor rooms on the ground and first floors, there will be an outdoor area with benches and tables in a modern take on the German “Biergarten”. The second floor will also house three private dining rooms, each with space for a maximum of 15 people.

From all three levels, guests will have a direct view of the atrium and the stage but also what’s going on outside in the Expo grounds.

Open and inviting in style, the three-storey restaurant complex will be accessible from outside, from the atrium or from after the grand finale, enabling visitors to “refuel” before returning to the Expo action to continue their around-the-world trip.